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Review: The Wonder Woman Pilot

Posted by Christina Cooper on October 3, 2011 at 6:15 PM

Even though the pilot didn't get picked up by NBC, and thousands of critics wrote reviews about how bad it was, and how fans should be thankful that it didn't get picked up, I'm going to have to disagree with them.  First and foremost, I should state a few things.  First off, I love pretty much any television show I've ever watched.. Most critics make it their job to find tons of things wrong with various shows and write nasty reviews about them.  I won't do that.  I'm not saying I like everything about every single TV show I've ever watched, because that wouldn't be true (I hated Riley just as much as any Buffy fan).  But, I think that this show had serious potential.  NBC made a huge mistake by not putting it on the air.  

Although I never read the original script for the first episode that apparently got leaked to the public last year, I've heard from various sources (ifanboy) that it was really a spectacular script.  The pilot had some weak moments, and It was mostly because of weak writing.  Firstly, I read that there was supposed to be flashbacks showing how Diana came to Earth and fell in love with Steve Trevor and also showed her time on Paradise Island.  None of that made the final cut.  

Adrianne Palicki is an awesome Wonder Woman.  I had my doubts, like most fans, but once I saw her in the costume, she had me hooked.  She has all the attitude, looks, and vulnerability to play a character like Wonder Woman.  Even though most fans were generally upset over the costume, NBC finally came through in the clutch, because the costume in the pilot is really awesome.  It's not unclassy or 'skanky' as many people were calling earlier versions of the costume.

My favorite scene in the pilot was when Diana freaks out in a meeting over a brand new Wonder Woman doll her company is producing.  Diana pokes fun at Wonder Woman (and probably tons of fanboys) and how the doll they want to produce is over endowed!  She even says tits and ass a few times in the scene.  I wasn't really sure if tits was an appropriate word for a network show.   It's a great scene, and it shows that Wonder Woman is much more flawed than her boy scout Justice League members, Batman and Superman.


But it's not just her course language that made me like Wonder Woman.  She also seems like a much more 'real' person than most superheroes are portrayed on the big screen.  We find out she broke up with her boyfriend because she had to move to LA, and continue her Wonder Woman duties.  There's a scene at the end where Wonder Woman actually kills a man in cold blood.  If this had been the official pilot, I'm sure that this particular moment would have had more fan outcry than any other part of the episode.  I've never seen any superhero actually kill a person who wasn't a large threat.  It's usually the bad guys that kill without mercy.. She also tortures a man for information.. That isn't something that the good guys normally do either.


But maybe that's something that sets Wonder Woman apart from all other superheroes viewers have been subjected to. As a woman, I've been dying to see a female superhero in action.  I don't care if it's on the small screen or the big screen.  I don't think that Wonder Woman would work as a movie because most people aren't familiar with her back story, and also because she doesn't have an archrival like Superman has with Lex Luthor..  

But I really am surprised that this show didn't make it onto the air.  Wonder Woman probably wouldn't capture NBC's target audience, so maybe that's a reason why it didn't get picked up.  But this show could have easily been picked up on networks like SyFy or CW.  Wonder Woman had potential.  It makes me so mad that a few studio executives can sit in a room and watch 20 pilots (pick 5 or 6 to pick up for a series), and send the rest to their graves.  Why can't there be some way for other networks to view pilots passed by other networks.  Now, this probably wouldn't work, since no network would want to go for any show that has been passed on by a competing network.  

But I honestly think it's unfair for shows to be judged by their pilot episode.  It makes sense for the big studio heads.  They don't want to spend the money to make more than one episode if they don't think the show will find an audience.  But if you look at some of the older shows, like Firefly, the pilot episode still bores me.  The show is increible and wonderfully thought out.  The cast is amazing, and the rest of the episodes (and movie) that follow are much better than the pilot.  If Firefly hadn't been created by Joss Whedon (Buffy and Angel), I'm sure that Fox would never have picked it up based on the first episode. 

I think it's about time to see a superhero that has a woman hold her own on either the big screen or the small screen.  If you look at what Joss was able to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I think this generation of young girls is ready to look up to someone just like I did with Buffy.  How much longer will it take for the studios  heads to put their faith in a show like Wonder Woman?

Categories: Scifi, DC Comics

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Reply Matt
6:53 AM on March 7, 2012 
So Wonder Woman is flawed because she didn't take the time to actually examine the doll she approved for mass production? Not only wouldn't Diana allow any dolls to be made in the first case, she wouldn't be so conscious about her body being an amazon. Plus I know the point was for Diana to illustrate that she's much more than her looks and the script did state that people noticed her bust...but it's still kinda hard to sympathize with her when the actress does have perfect tits & ass.
man-audition The dialogue was better than this but not much.

The pilot symphatized with the bad guys too much, made them have everything covered in the eyes of the law while Wonder Woman straight out slanders and threatens (V. Cale), assaults and tortures (the pale dude) and kills minions.

Wonder Woman is a warrior but she's also kind and a compasionate person. She's the Spirit of Truth, an ambassador of peace, her lasso actually compels people to speak the truth. And most of all she's honorable and I didn't see much of that in the pilot.

The secret identity doesn't make sense given the Truth aspect of her and she has three. Her third and "normal" ID adds nothing to her.

I did enjoy the pilot but it had major issues. Also the costume she wore wasn't that convincing. More like a porno costume. The 2009 Wonder Woman animated movie is vastly superior to this tv-pilot.