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3 of the Best Scifi Shows of the Past Decade

Posted by Christina Cooper on March 7, 2011 at 4:26 AM

3) ‘The X-Files’

Led by the visionary Chris Carter, ‘The X-Files’ became one of the most well known TV shows ever, and one of the greatest science fiction TV shows of all time. Led by David Duchnovy and Gillian Anderson, ‘The X-Files’ the This show truly set the scene for how a TV show could capture on audience that wasn’t just nerdy fanboys. The X-Files found on audience for ten straight years, who wanted to see how Mulder could prove to Scully that aliens did exist. The show had some excellent themes, and dealt with friendship, trust, death, and brought about some awesome mythology episodes. The one fantastic thing about 'X-Files,' was that there was never any pressure to get Mulder and Scully together.  Sure, fans wanted them to jump each others bones since the pilot, but Carter decided that it was best for the show if they stayed separate throughout most of the series.  ‘The X-Files’ was not only a successful TV show, but also was able to spawn off two successful films. I’m hoping for a third and final ‘X-Files’ film to bring the series to a close.

2) ‘LOST’


‘Lost’ was a show for a generation that allowed fans to really get in-depth with theories, casting, and possible endings. Created by JJ Abrams (‘Star Trek’;) the series was a masterpiece from the pilot, and proceeded to get even better as the series progressed. ‘Lost’ told the story of a group of people who are forced to work together to survive on an island after their plane crashes. ‘Lost’ was incredible show to watch live because of all the fan theories, and weird Dharma commercials that made their way into the telecast. The cast was young and fun, while the producers were able to keep things fresh and made some excellent additions to the cast later into the series. Both Michael Emerson (Ben) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) joined in season 3, and were bumped up to series regulars after only a few episodes. ‘Lost’ not only dealt with love, death and friendship, but also later got into some classic good vs. evil battles. Was the man-in-black evil, or was Jacob the one who had taken advantage of everyone? The finale took a lot of crap from fans and critics alike, but overall, I thought ‘Lost’ had come full circle. It did get religious, but that had always been one of the major plot lines in the show, and I was happy to see the show go out in such a great light.

1) ‘Battlestar Galactica'

Based on the 1980 television show, ‘Battlestar Galactia’ which wasn’t the best show of its day, and was yanked off the air after only one season, Ron D. Moore’s BSG was able to bring forth intellectual questions about religion, love, politics, war, and the meaning of being human, all within a science fiction environment. BSG tells the story of the remaining 50,000 humans left in the world, after their home worlds were destroyed by the robots they created, Cylons. The survivial of the human race is in the hands of President Laura Roslin (Mary MacDonnel) and Admiral Bill Adama (Edward James Olmos). The story delves into some excellent political debates that range from the legalization of abortion to the right to torture a person. Ron Moore couldn’t have created a show like this, unless science fiction was involved. With the fate of the human race resting on their ability to out run their Cylon enemy, the Battlestar Galactica itself is one of the main parts of the show. BSG is one of the greatest show ever, and I know that one-day, people will regard it as the greatest scifi show ever created. Fans were drawn to the show because of the humanity and compassion that the robotic cylons were able to show the humans. This ended up being a major theme in the show, and brings up an awesome question within the entire science fiction genre: What does it mean to be human? If you’re still confused or intrigued, I really encourage you to check this show out.

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