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The Hunger Games Trailer amazes us!

Posted by Christina Cooper on November 23, 2011 at 7:45 PM

Yes, I know The Hunger Games trailer came out last week, but I've finally had time to blog about just how awesome it really is.  I'm sure that by now, you've all had the chance to see it (hopefully multiple times).  If you haven't seen it, check it out once more below:


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Now that you've refreshed your memory, we can spend some time talking about why this trailer has wowed so many people. First and foremost, the series is already loved by so many, that like Harry Potter, it already has tons of book readers who are hoping that the screenwriters somehow managed to get every single line into the final cut. After seeing what happened to the Harry Potter franchise, we all know that it's impossible to get an entire book (word for word), into a final film.  But Hunger Games has something on its side besides an incredibly talented cast: the script is actually written by the author herself, Suzanne Collins (and director Gary Ross). 

This is great news for fans, because unlike the Harry Potter series, the author of the books has basically full control over every line in the film.  I know Jo Rowling has stated several times that she has worked close with HP screenwriter Steve Cloves, after seeing the final films, it's easy to see just how far off some of her characters are from those she wrote in the books.  With Collins collaborating directly with director Gary Ross, it's safe to assume that anything Collins wants, she's going to get it. 

The trailer itself blew me away the first time I saw it.  It managed to show the main characters and set up the story line without spoiling really anything from the film.  The trailer doesn't show us any actual moments of Katniss in the Hunger Games.  Why is this such a good thing?  Well for one, most film studios can't show a trailer without giving away the whole plot of the movie.  WB had tons of trouble when it came to marketing the last two Potter films.  I did the math, and I realized that before I had actually walked into the theater to see Deathly Hallows Part 1, I had seen over twenty minutes of released scenes from WB! 

Lionsgate has (at least so far) been able to give a great preview, without giving much of the plot away.  I don't know how long Lionsgate will be able to hold off giving fans extra scenes and stills as the release date draws nearer.. But if Lionsgate wants to draw the fans into the theater, they should try and keep this film as secretive as possible.  

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Reply ktleavs
11:21 AM on November 24, 2011 
they shouldnt give us anymore that would be the smartest thing to do
Reply ktleavs
11:21 AM on November 24, 2011 
but that will never happen
Reply Christina Cooper
10:43 AM on November 26, 2011 
ktleavs says...
but that will never happen

Agreed.. WB proved they couldn't do it with the Harry Potter series.. I just don't see Lionsgate being able to hold off until the movie actually comes out..
Reply Rachael Severtson
6:04 AM on December 1, 2011 
i think that they will probably hold off more than WB did, but i'm sure there will be at least 2 or 3 more trailers before the movie is released, and i wouldnt mind seeing a little more interaction between the characters and more haymitch because i love him, and also some of the other tributes
also as i side comment, i would not say that its impossible to translate a book word for word becasue thats pretty much what breaking dawn part 1 was....